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We are now the only institution in Malaysia to provide students and staff with LinkedIn Premium Learning for FREE! This means that you can upskill, reskill and multi-skill while learning from some of the world’s foremost experts and thought leaders, such as Professor Anil Gupta and Guy Kawasaki, thanks to over 17,000 videos on LinkedIn Learning and HS Talks.

The LinkedIn Learning Advantage

Learn from the leading academicians, examiners and subject matter experts from around the world with our Global Law Faculty Initiative supported by BAC Global. These principal lecturers and guest lecturers are prominent members of academia who are highly respected in their fields. The UK faculty team will teach a minimum total of 40 hours for core subjects and 20 hours for elective subjects in addition to the regular classes taught by our BAC Malaysia and Singaporean faculty.

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How do I sign up?

Step 1

Click the link to register your BAC account

Step 2

Once you are redirected to this page , Login using your BAC email &Password

Step 3

If you have LinkedIn account before you click Connect my LinkedIn account. if you don’t have any LinkedIn account before, click Continue without LinkedIn.

Step 4

If you click the second option, small popup will appear, then click Do not connect my account

Step 5

You’ll be taken to LinkedIn Learning, where you can view thousands of courses on business, tech, and creative topics.

Step 6

To relogin / access to Linkedin, Please log back to office 365 ( using your login and click on Linked Learning icon if your unable to find it , please use the search bar with the keyword linked .